5 Things We Did at a Writing Residency

We’re back at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony this month. Read some other posts about Writing Retreats HERE and HERE. We began the residency by going through the copyedited manuscript of Generation Space: A Love Story. That sounds rather tedious, but we found it exciting. Not only did we get caught up as writing nerds in the minutia of comparing Chicago and NASA style, but we felt motivated, knowing … Continue reading 5 Things We Did at a Writing Residency

5 Posts about Good Books to Read

We sent the manuscript of Generation Space off to the publisher, on to their copyediting. This week, we turn to books by others, sharing posts about books we think others might want to read. 5 Books on Writing & Productivity It’s difficult to finish a book manuscript. Big projects make big demands. Here are five books that offer ideas we took to heart as we made our … Continue reading 5 Posts about Good Books to Read

Generation Space: 5 Thoughts on Final Revision

Generation Space: A Love Story is due on May 2 to Stillhouse Press so that the copyeditor there can have at it. So this month, we’re deep into overall and targeted editing, looking for redundancies and gaps, tinkering with voice and detail. This isn’t the first overhaul, as you can see in this photo of Anna’s previous desk, really a table–and the floor. “The difference between the … Continue reading Generation Space: 5 Thoughts on Final Revision

One Big Thing: Generation Space!

  We’re thrilled to announce that Stillhouse Press will publish Generation Space: A Love Story in February 2017. We’ll have postcards and bookmarks available at the AWP Bookfair this week, both at the Stillhouse Press booth (#708) and the Chapman University & Tabula Poetica booth (#701). Though we didn’t realize it at the time, this book began in the fall of 2010, when we started actively … Continue reading One Big Thing: Generation Space!

5 Reasons to Apply for a Writing Residency (and where to apply)

We’ve done writing residencies together at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony and Ragdale. Doug has been to the Norman Mailer Writers Colony, and Anna has been to the Vermont Studio Center (read about both HERE). These opportunities were possible because we were awarded scholarships, were able to cover our own travel costs, and could get away from our jobs for at least two weeks (or four!), … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Apply for a Writing Residency (and where to apply)

5 Graphic (Nonfiction) Books

What It Is: the formless thing which gives things form (2008) By Lynda Barry Lynda Barry’s What It Is is a book like none other we’ve seen. It’s part stories, part memoir about her life, and part creativity workbook for the reader. It’s nonlinear; it poses questions; it’s fun. One of our favorite bits of wisdom: To be able to stand not knowing long enough … Continue reading 5 Graphic (Nonfiction) Books

On the Shelf (First Lines)

A year ago, we were at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony. One of the posts that stemmed from that writers’ residency involved pulling novels of the shelf at the cabin and looking at first lines. We’ve been reading The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2014, and we thought it might be useful to look at the first lines of what’s been deemed not just good … Continue reading On the Shelf (First Lines)

Lofty Ambitions Anniversary: 4 Years!

It was an unusually busy spring for the Lofty Duo. Doug was the conference coordinator for Intertwingled: The Work and Influence of Ted Nelson, and Anna took on a new book project while still trying to work on her book about the history of the space program. Our transition into a summer schedule was abrupt, and it’s caused us some reflection. One of the things … Continue reading Lofty Ambitions Anniversary: 4 Years!

Writing Process Blog Hop (Anna)

NOTE: Anna also has a recent piece at The Huffington Post about writers’ schedules. Read that by clicking HERE. We’ve participated in a blog hop before, and we were happy to be tagged for a new one—twice. Because we’ve been tagged by two different writers, we’re doing two different posts as part of My Writing Process, one today and the other, next Wednesday. While we write together a lot, … Continue reading Writing Process Blog Hop (Anna)