5 Posts about Good Books to Read

We sent the manuscript of Generation Space off to the publisher, on to their copyediting. This week, we turn to books by others, sharing posts about books we think others might want to read.


5 Books on Writing & Productivity

It’s difficult to finish a book manuscript. Big projects make big demands. Here are five books that offer ideas we took to heart as we made our way through, together, the work of writing and revising a book.

5 (Best) Science Writers to Read

In this post, we look at The Best American Science and Nature Writing for authors whose books we recommend.

5 Poetry Science Books

If you’re interested in science and not reading poetry, you’re missing out. If you’re interesting in poetry and haven’t run across these books that incorporate science, you’re missing out.

5 Graphic (Nonfiction) Books

Graphic novels of sorts, steeped in real people, facts, science, and history.

So You Want to Write (Nonfiction) This Summer

We’re wrapping up our spring semester and looking ahead to summer and the writing we can do over the next few months. These four books, though, can jumpstart, reinvigorate, or make you think about any time of year. We specifically included books that go beyond craft to discuss the writing life and publishing–the forest as well as the trees.


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