#Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 2)

(If you want to start with Part 1, click HERE.) Orion didn’t launch today. Perhaps by the time that you read this, Orion will have orbited the Earth twice, completing its mission, but as of about 9:00pm Pacific Time on Thursday, it hasn’t done so. At one point during the countdown, a ship entered an area of the ocean off the Cape Canaveral Air Force … Continue reading #Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 2)

#Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 1)

If everything goes well, the day after this blog is posted, NASA will launch its next generation human-rated spacecraft: Orion. The specific mission is known as Exploration Flight Test 1, or EFT-1 in NASA-speak. WATCH LIVE at NASA TV (NASASocial events today and launch tomorrow). The Orion EFT-1 mission is currently scheduled to launch at 7:05 am EST on Thursday, December 4th. The EFT-1 will send … Continue reading #Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 1)