Paris: Antique Aviation Shop

Bonjour les amis! Your Lofty Duo has taken up residence as the fall Fellows at the American Library in Paris. We’re thrilled to be here to do some research, and the beginning of our one-month stay is already paying off. In reality, our work began before we set foot on the plane (a lovely Air France A380). We researched where to go and what to … Continue reading Paris: Antique Aviation Shop

5 Physicists with Birthdays This Week

It’s Nobel Prize week, and Wednesday’s announcement of this year’s award in Physics says, “The Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 recognises Takaaki Kajita in Japan andArthur B. McDonald in Canada, for their key contributions to the experiments which demonstrated that neutrinos change identities. This metamorphosis requires that neutrinos have mass. The discovery has changed our understanding of the innermost workings of matter and can prove crucial to our … Continue reading 5 Physicists with Birthdays This Week

Lyon Air Museum (Photos!)

Lyon Air Museum, founded by Major General William Lyon and opened in 2009, is our local aviation museum. It’s located just across the runways from the terminals at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, and it’s open 10am-4pm every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas. On March 9, at 10am, the museum will open the cockpit of their Douglas DC-3 flagship. On March 21, at 10:30am, Tuskegee … Continue reading Lyon Air Museum (Photos!)

Pie with Einstein

We’re working on our regular post for Wednesday, thinking about scale in the wake of the earthquake in Japan, and wishing things were better than they are there. For now, we’ve distracted ourselves because today is Pi Day. The shorthand for today’s date is 3/14, and that’s the start of the numerical representation of the mathematical constant pi: 3.14. A circle’s circumference is always its … Continue reading Pie with Einstein

Happy Birthday, Bessie Coleman

Before we moved to California two-and-a-half years ago, we lived in suburban Chicago. O’Hare International Airport was our local way out of town for major travel. When we traveled together, we’d get on I-190 heading into the airport, then veer off onto Bessie Coleman Drive to long-term parking. Now, when we fly in to see family downstate, we head to Bessie Coleman Drive to pick … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Bessie Coleman