Guest Blog: Rebecca Green on Deep Space Communication

Rebecca Green is the Assistant to the Dean in Schmid College of Science at Technology at Chapman University, where the Lofty Duo work. We’ve been on task teams with Rebecca and know her to be a space nerd through and through. So we’re happy to share her family vacation story. This summer, I was fortunate enough to include a day trip to the Canberra Deep … Continue reading Guest Blog: Rebecca Green on Deep Space Communication

5 Visible Planets

EarthSky offers readers “updates on your cosmos and world.” Today, they posted a guide to viewing the five visible planets in October 2015. And which planets might these be? MERCURY Of the eight planets in our Solar System, Mercury is both smallest and closest to the Sun. This past April, the spacecraft MESSENGER crashed into Mercury after orbiting the planet for four years, twice as long … Continue reading 5 Visible Planets

#Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 6)

The events of the December 2014 Orion/EFT-1 NASA Social were jointly sponsored or hosted by the NASA social media and outreach teams from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the Armstrong Flight Research Center. To begin this final post about that event, the Lofty Duo would like to say a big Thank You to the wonderful folks who make these events happen. Here’s are our live … Continue reading #Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 6)

You find the fun and SMAP!

Today is the anniversary of the Challenger accident. Read our commemorative post HERE, and last year’s post commemorating that event, the Columbia accident, and the Apollo 1 fire HERE. Tomorrow, on January 29, SMAP will LAUNCH from Vandenberg Air Force Base. And Lofty Ambitions WILL BE THERE, thanks to an invitation from Lia Halloran, our colleague in Chapman University’s Department of Art. That’s right, an art professor is taking her … Continue reading You find the fun and SMAP!

#Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 5)

START WITH PART 1 OF THIS SERIES BY CLICKING HERE. One of NASA’s most important missions for the future of human space exploration doesn’t—at least initially—call for astronauts. NASA is currently planning a deep space mission known as Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission or, in NASA-speak, ARRM. This approach is in keeping with tradition at NASA; robotic missions have always preceded humans into space. Before Neil … Continue reading #Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 5)

#Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 4)

If you want to start with Part 1 of this series, click HERE. This week, we have a series of Fast Facts about the Space Flight Operations Facility (SFOF) located in Building 230 of the NASA JPL campus. As a part of the recent #Orion NASA Social at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (jointly sponsored with the good folks from NASA Armstrong), Doug was able to take … Continue reading #Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 4)

#Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 3)

To start with Part 1, click HERE. The Orion/EFT-1 mission went off without a hitch last Friday. The four-and-a-half hour mission reached a height, or apogee, of 3,600 miles. That’s is as far as a human-rated spacecraft has travelled from the earth in forty-two years. As a part of the build-up to the Orion/EFT-1 mission, NASA held NASA Social events at multiple sites. Doug was … Continue reading #Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 3)

#Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 2)

(If you want to start with Part 1, click HERE.) Orion didn’t launch today. Perhaps by the time that you read this, Orion will have orbited the Earth twice, completing its mission, but as of about 9:00pm Pacific Time on Thursday, it hasn’t done so. At one point during the countdown, a ship entered an area of the ocean off the Cape Canaveral Air Force … Continue reading #Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 2)

#Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 1)

If everything goes well, the day after this blog is posted, NASA will launch its next generation human-rated spacecraft: Orion. The specific mission is known as Exploration Flight Test 1, or EFT-1 in NASA-speak. WATCH LIVE at NASA TV (NASASocial events today and launch tomorrow). The Orion EFT-1 mission is currently scheduled to launch at 7:05 am EST on Thursday, December 4th. The EFT-1 will send … Continue reading #Orion at JPL/Armstrong (Part 1)