Generation Space: An Introduction

We hope you’ll follow us @GenerationSpace and on Facebook and participate in our shared cultural story of growing up in the Space Age. Adapted from the introduction of Generation Space: We have come to understand that those of us born after Sputnik in 1957 and before the first space shuttle mission in 1981 are Generation Space. It’s an alternative way to understand the slice of time into which the two … Continue reading Generation Space: An Introduction

Preparing for AWP 2017

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference meets in Washington, DC, this year. We’re especially excited because sneak-peek copies of Generation Space will be available for purchase from Stillhouse Press at Bookfair Booth #503! (If you won’t be at AWP, you can pre-order a copy HERE.) Here are five bits of Lofty Ambitions advice for writers preparing to attend AWP, plus a bonus and a link to … Continue reading Preparing for AWP 2017

5 Ways to Say No in 2017

[A version of this post appeared on Medium on Sunday.] We’re the sort of people who know the value of yes, and — . In fact, in Generation Space, we’ve written about Stephen Colbert’s commencement speech in which he touted that attitude and about the ways astronauts as well as the first nurse to the astronauts espoused that approach. I also wrote about saying yes for Minerva … Continue reading 5 Ways to Say No in 2017

Writers (& others), Get Organized for 2017!

As 2016 wanes and 2017 kicks into gear, it’s a great time for writers to look back at what they’ve accomplished over the past and look ahead to what’s possible in the next year. That’s exactly what we’re doing right now at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony. Our book Generation Space: A Love Story is finished. In fact, we’re reading final proofs this week. The website is up, … Continue reading Writers (& others), Get Organized for 2017!

On This Date (or thereabouts)

On this date in 1968, Apollo 8 launched. Last year, we posted five photos in celebration of Apollo 8. See those HERE. In Generation Space: A Love Story, we write: Fifty-five hours into the mission, the crew broadcast images of Earth from space. Anders remarked, “We came all this way to explore the Moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth.” For the … Continue reading On This Date (or thereabouts)

5 Back-to-School Space Apps, Lessons, etc.

Space Math @NASA An amazing resource for K-12 teachers, NASA has developed all sorts of math problems based on space exploration and ready for implementation in classrooms. Whether you’re looking for a specific topic, like Mars, or a bunch of exercises for 5th-graders, you’ll find it here. Of course, math isn’t the only subject for NASA’s educational materials, so you can search by topic (climate … Continue reading 5 Back-to-School Space Apps, Lessons, etc.

5 Facebook Tips for Authors (and others)

Recently, we brushed up on blogging by reading The Golden Rules of Blogging and, as a result, cleaned up this blog’s look. You may have also noticed that we’ve been playing around on social media lately. We’ve both been on Facebook a long time, and we added a page there for Generation Space. We’ll continue to share on our personal pages, of course. And followers there can see “public” posts … Continue reading 5 Facebook Tips for Authors (and others)

5 Things We Did at a Writing Residency

We’re back at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony this month. Read some other posts about Writing Retreats HERE and HERE. We began the residency by going through the copyedited manuscript of Generation Space: A Love Story. That sounds rather tedious, but we found it exciting. Not only did we get caught up as writing nerds in the minutia of comparing Chicago and NASA style, but we felt motivated, knowing … Continue reading 5 Things We Did at a Writing Residency

5 Tips from A Writer’s Time

It’s August and we’re back at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, which has us thinking about what we can accomplish as writers this month and this year, if we use our time well. Here are five snippets from A Writer’s Time by Kenneth Atchity. Quick aside: In just the sort of serendipity the Lofty duo likes, Atchity is the president of Atchity Entertainment International, whose clients include Australian millionaire-turned … Continue reading 5 Tips from A Writer’s Time