Farman Magasin d’Antiquités (Part Deux)

Also, look at Paris: Antique Aviation Shop for the first part of this story. On Saturday, 14 June 2003, Pierre Farman was a passenger onboard the very last flight of Air France Concorde F-BTSD. Informally known as Sierra Delta (the last two letters of the aircraft’s call sign in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) alphabet, this particular Concorde was a record breaker, holding the … Continue reading Farman Magasin d’Antiquités (Part Deux)

Guest Blog: Rebecca Green on Deep Space Communication

Rebecca Green is the Assistant to the Dean in Schmid College of Science at Technology at Chapman University, where the Lofty Duo work. We’ve been on task teams with Rebecca and know her to be a space nerd through and through. So we’re happy to share her family vacation story. This summer, I was fortunate enough to include a day trip to the Canberra Deep … Continue reading Guest Blog: Rebecca Green on Deep Space Communication

End of Shuttle: 5 Photos for 5th Anniversary

Five years ago today, on July 8, 2011, the space shuttle Atlantis launched to space from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. No shuttle has launched since, and Atlantis and the other orbiters are now artifacts in museums telling the story of where we’ve been and who we are. Here, in another of our “5 Things” posts, we share five photos from that last-ever shuttle launch five years ago. For … Continue reading End of Shuttle: 5 Photos for 5th Anniversary

#ETComesHome to California

On May 21, External Tank #94 arrived at the California Science Center, where it will eventually be stacked with the orbiter Endeavour and two test rockets and displayed upright as if ready to launch. Lofty Ambitions was there to see it arrive because we couldn’t imagine more fun for nerds on a Saturday night. This particular external fuel tank for the space shuttle is the only … Continue reading #ETComesHome to California

On This Date: 5 Anniversaries for April 20

Looking for something to ponder or celebration today, April 20? Here you go! 1862: Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard prove that spontaneous generation doesn’t happen. If you’re still hoping that something can come from nothing, you’re more than 150 years behind the times. 1902: Pierre and Marie Curie radium chloride, the first compound of radium to be isolated in a pure state. In 2013, the FDA approved … Continue reading On This Date: 5 Anniversaries for April 20

5 Things To Do at AWP in LA

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference is in LA this week, and we’ll be there. Check out the Chapman University and Tabula Poetica booth at #701 in the bookfair–it’s bigger than last year’s, and you can meet Doug, steampunk writer James P. Blaylock, avant garde writer Martin Nakell, MFA students, and more. Anna will have a board office hour at the AWP … Continue reading 5 Things To Do at AWP in LA

5 Views of Skylab B at NASM

Two Skylab modules were built. The first launched in 1973, was occupied as a science laboratory for 171 of its 2,249 days in orbit, and re-entered Earth’s atmosphere in 1979. Read more about Skylab HERE and HERE. The second, Skylab B, is on display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, where visitors can walk through its living and working quarters. Here’s … Continue reading 5 Views of Skylab B at NASM

Endeavour Mission 26: ET Comes Home!

PRESS RELEASE: California Science Center Foundation Announces Route for External Tank’s Journey  Los Angeles – Today the California Science Center Foundation announced the route for “Mission 26: ET Comes Home,” the journey of the external tank (ET-94). It will travel from the Michoud Assembly Facility through the Panama Canal by barge to Los Angeles, then on through city streets, pulled by a truck on dollies, … Continue reading Endeavour Mission 26: ET Comes Home!

5 Artifacts of Apollo at NASM

Anna was recently in Washington, DC, for a conference related to her role as the Director of the Office Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity at Chapman University. Once that work was finished, she headed directly to the National Air and Space Museum (NASM) on the National Mall. We can’t go there too many times! 5 Artifacts of Apollo at NASM:           Continue reading 5 Artifacts of Apollo at NASM