Generation Space: An Introduction

We hope you’ll follow us @GenerationSpace and on Facebook and participate in our shared cultural story of growing up in the Space Age. Adapted from the introduction of Generation Space: We have come to understand that those of us born after Sputnik in 1957 and before the first space shuttle mission in 1981 are Generation Space. It’s an alternative way to understand the slice of time into which the two … Continue reading Generation Space: An Introduction

The Writing Residency: More Dorland

We spent almost three weeks at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony to write. We had some bumps in our residency road this time, but we always accomplish things and do good work in the isolation and beauty of Dorland. (For other posts about writing retreats, click HERE.) Each residency we’ve done is somewhat different, even when we return to this place. But, when we think about … Continue reading The Writing Residency: More Dorland

Our Spontaneous (sort of) Vegas Wedding

This week’s post is a bit different. We’ve taken the week away from our day jobs. Here’s why: My Sorta Spontaneous Vegas Wedding at OZY’s First-Person Friday We hope you’ll click on the link and read about our Las Vegas wedding five years ago. It’s a very happy Thanksgiving story. We’re having a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary, including the Jane’s Addiction concert (it’s the end of … Continue reading Our Spontaneous (sort of) Vegas Wedding

Writing Residencies: Dorland & Compartmentalization

Two weeks ago, we wrote about going “Back to Dorland” and how we are doing things differently this time. ANNA’S UPDATE As a writer, I’ve had a love–hate relationship with compartmentalization. It’s taken me years to successfully combat notions that I should get other tasks—seemingly quick or urgent tasks—out of the way before sitting down to write. I like crossing items of my list of things … Continue reading Writing Residencies: Dorland & Compartmentalization

Writing Residencies: Back to Dorland

While we understand the importance of a daily writing habit, we cannot deny the intense productivity that writing residencies have fostered for us in the last few years. We have written before about Dorland Mountain Arts Colony HERE (including links to other posts) and HERE and about Ragdale HERE. Earlier this summer, we wrote about our self-designed writing retreat in Santa Fe HERE and HERE. We … Continue reading Writing Residencies: Back to Dorland

On Traveling: NASM & Other Serendipity

Last week, we were back at the University of Maryland. We lived in College Park, Maryland, in the early 1990s while Anna was earning her MFA and working at the Entomological Society of America and Doug was working for NASA at the Center for AeroSpace Information as an abstractor and indexer. The University of Maryland and the surrounding communities have changed in twenty years, with … Continue reading On Traveling: NASM & Other Serendipity

Lofty Ambitions Anniversary: 4 Years!

It was an unusually busy spring for the Lofty Duo. Doug was the conference coordinator for Intertwingled: The Work and Influence of Ted Nelson, and Anna took on a new book project while still trying to work on her book about the history of the space program. Our transition into a summer schedule was abrupt, and it’s caused us some reflection. One of the things … Continue reading Lofty Ambitions Anniversary: 4 Years!

A Writing Residency: Five Tips (Part 4)

FIVE TIPS ON WRITING RESIDENCIES TO ADAPT AS NEEDED Prepare for the kind of lodging you’ll have. Read the information on the website, and ask questions before you get there. We knew that we’d have to buy our own groceries and cook for ourselves, that we’d have to clean the cabin before we left, but we didn’t have to bring towels and sheets unless we … Continue reading A Writing Residency: Five Tips (Part 4)

A Writing Residency (Part 3)

As we post this, we’re in the midst of a week of meetings—all-day meetings, back-to-back meetings—and trying to catch up and keep up with the uptick in work email and other tasks that mark the semester’s beginning. Only days ago, we were at the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, and here’s how it panned out in the end. PART 1: Days 1-5 PART 2: Days 6-12 … Continue reading A Writing Residency (Part 3)

A Writing Residency

Last time either of us was at a writing residency, we spent two weeks at Ragdale together. Those two weeks in February of last year were the most productive writing time we’ve ever had, separately or together. As if that accomplishment weren’t enough, fellow resident Emily Gray Tedrowe suggested we contact her agent, Alice Tasman. Alice was thrilled to represent us and our project about … Continue reading A Writing Residency