Generation Space!

GenSpaceCoverOur book Generation Space: A Love Story will be released into the world on April 4, 2017. The book launch (pun intended!) is on Friday, April 7. To find out more about that and other events, check out the events page of our new website.

Our new website is

We have a NEW BLOG on the website. #IAmGenSpace is designed to share YOUR memories, stories, and dreams of the Space Age. You can read memories there now and submit your own.

It’s been almost seven years since we started Lofty Ambitions blog to explore our interests and develop a regular writing habit together. Within two years, we knew we were working on a book together. We signed a contract with Stillhouse Press one year ago. While we focus on launching Generation Space and on the new blog, we’re taking a hiatus here. We imagine we’ll return, and we think of the archives as an useful record and reference.

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