Omaha Beach, Normandy

Omaha Beach is the code-name-turned-common-name of one of the Allied landing sites in Normandy on June 6, 1944. American soldiers hitting Omaha Beach were assured that air and naval bombardment would knock out the German strongpoints there. When B-24s had approached Omaha Beach shortly before the landings, however, the weather had been bad, and all but three bombs fell inland, killing French civilians instead of demolishing the twelve … Continue reading Omaha Beach, Normandy

Veterans Day: Normandy American Cemetery

During our fellowship at The American Library in Paris, we took a day trip to Normandy. Doug’s great uncle was a top turret gunner in a B-17 in the 100th bomb group. On August 8, 1944, his B-17 was shot down near a small town called Perigny, and all aboard perished. While we went to Normandy to see the memorial that townspeople built to honor … Continue reading Veterans Day: Normandy American Cemetery

On This Date: 5 Things

May 25, 1931: Georgy Grechko was born in Leningrad. He grew up to become a cosmonaut who flew on several Soviet missions to space and spent almost a month aboard the Salyut 4 space station in 1975, almost three months aboard Salyut 6 in 1977, and eight days on Salyut 7. May 25, 1961: President John F. Kennedy told a joint session of Congress that the United States … Continue reading On This Date: 5 Things

5 Physicists with Birthdays This Week

It’s Nobel Prize week, and Wednesday’s announcement of this year’s award in Physics says, “The Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 recognises Takaaki Kajita in Japan andArthur B. McDonald in Canada, for their key contributions to the experiments which demonstrated that neutrinos change identities. This metamorphosis requires that neutrinos have mass. The discovery has changed our understanding of the innermost workings of matter and can prove crucial to our … Continue reading 5 Physicists with Birthdays This Week

5 Graphic (Nonfiction) Books

What It Is: the formless thing which gives things form (2008) By Lynda Barry Lynda Barry’s What It Is is a book like none other we’ve seen. It’s part stories, part memoir about her life, and part creativity workbook for the reader. It’s nonlinear; it poses questions; it’s fun. One of our favorite bits of wisdom: To be able to stand not knowing long enough … Continue reading 5 Graphic (Nonfiction) Books

Countdown to The Cold War: Inside the B-24 (Photos!)

On May 10, Anna flew in a B-24, and Doug flew in a B-17. Both aircraft are part of the Collings Foundation’s tour and stopped at Lyon Air Museum. Last week, we shared the view from inside the B-17 Nine-O-Nine during a flight along the California coast. This week, we share photos taken from inside the B-24 during flight. Continue reading Countdown to The Cold War: Inside the B-24 (Photos!)

Countdown to The Cold War: B-17 Flying Fortress (Videos)

On May 10, Anna flew on a B-24. Doug flew on the B-17 during its stop at the Lyon Air Museum. If you’re interested in seeing these aircraft, check the Collings Foundation SCHEDULE. If you can’t see them in person, here are videos from Doug’s B-17 ride. Though the Collings Foundation’s B-17 was built in April 1945 and, therefore, didn’t see combat, it has been … Continue reading Countdown to The Cold War: B-17 Flying Fortress (Videos)

Countdown to The Cold War: B-24 Liberator (Videos)

Last week, May 8 marked the 70th anniversary of V-E Day. In 1945, the war in Europe officially ended with the signing of the act of surrender on May 7 in France and May 8 in Germany. The war in the Pacific Theater waged on. B-24 Takeoff In August 1944, a Consolidated B-24 was built. By October, it had been delivered to the U.S. Air … Continue reading Countdown to The Cold War: B-24 Liberator (Videos)