Launch Pad: The People

NOTE: If you didn’t see our article at The Huffington Post last week, please read “The Nobel Prize: Where Are the Women?” It’s a piece we generated as participants in the Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop earlier this summer. For all the Launch Pad posts, click HERE. Recently, we  completed our second science-writer workshop of the summer, and it was purposefully more intense on the science side. If … Continue reading Launch Pad: The People

Launch Pad: Facts about the Moon

On Sunday, we returned from Launch Pad, the astronomy workshop for writers. Our minds are overflowing with facts and ideas. Our first post about Launch Pad dealt with how Earth experiences seasons. (Hint: It’s not the distance; it’s the angle.) Now, we’ll take a small step—in astronomical terms—and share five things we learned about the Moon. The far side of the Moon is not the … Continue reading Launch Pad: Facts about the Moon

Launch Pad: Astronomy for Writers

FOR ALL THE POSTS FROM LAUNCH PAD, CLICK HERE. George R. R. Martin is wrong. One of his Game of Thrones characters is seven years old and has not yet experienced winter. That’s just not possible. Sure, it’s fiction—it’s a made-up story. But even in fiction, the writer must build an internally consistent world. The term year is a measurement of time equal to one … Continue reading Launch Pad: Astronomy for Writers