New Shower Curtain

Our new shower curtain featuring the Periodic Table arrived from ThinkGeek. It’s a little flimsier than we’d hoped, with no magnets at the bottom and little reinforcement around the holes for the curtain rings. But the design is great, and the colors really perk up the bathroom. We’ll get a liner to extend the life of this fancy shower curtain–and so that the full periodic … Continue reading New Shower Curtain

It’s National Aviation Day: Airfare Deals

August 19 is Orville Wright’s birthday, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt designated it National Aviation Day in 1939. Here are some deals so that you can celebrate by booking a flight! Doug had a good flying experience (more leg room!) with Jet Blue between Chicago and Provincetown, where he spent a week at a writing workshop (more on that soon!). Jet Blue is running fares … Continue reading It’s National Aviation Day: Airfare Deals

Duck, Duck, Goose

We pulled our Ford pick-up, the first vehicle we’d purchased as a couple, off to the side of the road and walked over to the chain-link fence. Through it, we peered as best we could into a large, temporary metal structure. Inside, the pieces of the Spruce Goose were vacuum-packed in white plastic, stashed like someone’s childhood toys in the garage. In the fall of 1999, … Continue reading Duck, Duck, Goose

July 9 (or 10 or 17): Mile-High Club Inaugurated

One hundred years ago today—or perhaps tomorrow, maybe even 
next Saturday—Walter Brookins became the first human being to 
pilot an aircraft to an altitude of one mile. Brookins lived one of
 those lives that implausibly dovetailed with the explosion of
 aviation activity in the early 20th-century. He happened to have Orville and Wilbur Wright’s sister as his teacher and knew the bicycle shop owners. After … Continue reading July 9 (or 10 or 17): Mile-High Club Inaugurated

The Launch: Return to Air & Space

In the summer of 1991, we packed up our meager belongings, decamped our Midwestern home, and made our way to the nation’s capital. We’d been a couple less than two years at that point, so this move was a major shift in our relationship. Moves of such magnitude can make or break a relationship. By the time we arrived at our tiny apartment near the … Continue reading The Launch: Return to Air & Space