Guest Blog: David Stack

Tomorrow, Doug heads off to Kennedy Space Center for the GRAIL Tweetup. But we used to live near Goddard Space Flight Center and popped over for the monthly model-rocket launches a few times. This week’s guest blogger had the fantastic opportunity to spend the summer at NASA Goddard. His post is especially welcome in the post-shuttle days we face, for David Stack makes it clear … Continue reading Guest Blog: David Stack

Last Chance to See (Part 19)

There is one reason for caring, and I believe no other is necessary. […] And it is simply this: the world would be a poorer, darker, lonelier place without them. ~ Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine, Last Chance to See Okay, you’re wondering now, what to do, now you know this is the end. And you know this because Lofty Ambitions can’t pass up the … Continue reading Last Chance to See (Part 19)

Interview: Rhea Seddon

Margaret Rhea Seddon is a medical doctor who became an astronaut in 1979, even before the first space shuttle flight in 1981. We met this three-time space shuttle astronaut when we visited Kennedy Space Center in November (click HERE to read how that happened). Like fellow doctor-turned-astronaut Michael Barratt (see his interview HERE), Rhea Seddon is especially interested in the human body and how it … Continue reading Interview: Rhea Seddon

Radioactivity and Other Risks (Part 2)

If you want to start with Part 1 of “Radioactivity and Risk,” click HERE. This post is part of a loose series, most of which were regular Wednesday posts that unfolded in the wake of the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi. We include the whole list at the end of this post. Here is “Radioactivity and Risk (Part 2)”: One of the risks every astronaut … Continue reading Radioactivity and Other Risks (Part 2)

A Launch to Remember (Part 7)

Sunday Morning: We headed to the Press Center at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) this morning to see what’s what. No press briefing has been scheduled, but we’re expecting one after the launch team makes a determination. The buzz around KSC is that the launch will be no earlier than May 8 or maybe May 10. The simple thermostat swap-out, for which we were hoping, isn’t the … Continue reading A Launch to Remember (Part 7)

Guest Blog: Ken Kremer

Today, we feature a guest blogger who will catch us up with two of the space program’s greatest accomplishments, the Mars rovers. Anna met Ken Kremer as part of the press core for STS-133 back in November and was especially impressed by his range of knowledge about NASA and his enthusiasm. Ken Kremer is a freelance science writer and scientist who regularly publishes writing and … Continue reading Guest Blog: Ken Kremer

Guest Blog: Leslie Adrienne Miller

April is National Poetry Month, so Lofty Ambitions welcomes poet Leslie Adrienne Miller to the Guest Blog spot today. We met Leslie when she was on a panel about research and writing across the genres that Doug organized for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference. Anna had read and appreciated The Resurrection Trade and, though she and Leslie had never met, encouraged Doug … Continue reading Guest Blog: Leslie Adrienne Miller

Pie with Einstein

We’re working on our regular post for Wednesday, thinking about scale in the wake of the earthquake in Japan, and wishing things were better than they are there. For now, we’ve distracted ourselves because today is Pi Day. The shorthand for today’s date is 3/14, and that’s the start of the numerical representation of the mathematical constant pi: 3.14. A circle’s circumference is always its … Continue reading Pie with Einstein

Science Writing across Genres

Recently, we wrote about the Literary Science Writing panel at this year’s Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference (click here to read that post). Now, we’re recounting another AWP panel on science writing from last year’s conference in Denver: “Black Holes No More: The Importance of Science Storytelling Across All Genres.” The panel was chockfull of well-published writers: M.G. Lord, Rebecca Skloot, Leslie Adrienne … Continue reading Science Writing across Genres

Literary Science Writing

Given that two-thirds of the mandate we set for ourselves here at Lofty Ambitions is Science and Writing (as a couple), it will come as little surprise that we hold science writing in particularly high esteem. In each of our lives, books about science have either confirmed that we were doing the right things with our lives—in our educations and our careers—or these books have … Continue reading Literary Science Writing