An old joke used to have it that ten glasses of Guinness, a glass of orange juice, and a glass of milk was a balanced daily diet. Perhaps, that’s the application intended by the beer’s slogans, Guinness is good for you and A Guinness a day. Some researchers have found antioxidants in the stout, and it’s a slight 125 calories per 12 ounces and a … Continue reading Beer!

Back to School

Some people learn new ideas best by reading a book and taking careful notes. Others learn best by jumping in without a net and just doing. Some people understand triangulation abstractly, whereas others don’t really get it until their father takes them out to the backyard to measure a tree by taking heel-to-toe steps from its trunk. We know one computer scientist who, when he … Continue reading Back to School

A Ritual of Writing Together

For the last four years, at least one night a week, sometimes twice, we’ve traipsed to a favorite local watering hole for dinner and drinks and to produce pages for our novels-in-progress. Most of our writing is done in isolation, but this night out is a chance to work side by side as well. By following this ritual, we each have completed a first draft … Continue reading A Ritual of Writing Together