There’s No Business Like Air Show Business (Part 1)

Two Saturdays ago, we made our first trip to Palm Springs and Palm Desert to attend the 8th Annual Jacqueline Cochran Air Show (actually held near Palm Desert in Thermal, California). We’ve already posted two photo essays of our visit to the Palm Springs Air Museum that weekend (click HERE and HERE for those). Here at Lofty Ambitions, we’ve made no secret of our affection … Continue reading There’s No Business Like Air Show Business (Part 1)

Happy Birthday, Evelyn Bryan Johnson!

Evelyn Bryan Johnson, the woman pilot with the most flying hours in the world, celebrates her 102nd birthday today in Morristown, Tennessee. The locals call her Mama Bird. Her total flying time is the equivalent of roughly 6-½ years. Evelyn Johnson learned to fly when World War II was raging overseas and women like Evelyn filled a variety of new roles outside the home. She … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Evelyn Bryan Johnson!

MCAS Miramar Air Show (Part 2)

Last week, we wrote about “Writing Together, Writing Apart.” We’ve been thinking about those issues a lot lately, and we’re in the midst of drafting a couple more posts about how we write as a couple and as individuals and how we work together on a writing project and separately on different projects. This past weekend, our visit to the MCAS Miramar Air Show reminded … Continue reading MCAS Miramar Air Show (Part 2)

Serendipity Weekend

When we decided to do Lofty Ambitions, one area of our lives we planned to explore was what it meant for us to grow up—to be children and become young adults—during the Cold War. As twelve-year-olds, the locus of our fears, because it was the locus of the nation’s fears, was the Soviet Union. By the time we came along, the confrontation had become familiar, … Continue reading Serendipity Weekend

By gosh, it’s time for Oshkosh!

We came to our enjoyment of air shows by two different paths; one of us (Doug) was born into it, and the other (Anna) fell for someone who’d been born into it. Doug’s childhood memories are steeped with vividly colored Stearman biplanes, their yellows, blues, and reds flying in formation over his hometown at the end of each summer. The biplane’s humming radial engines predicted … Continue reading By gosh, it’s time for Oshkosh!