From 3R’s to STEAM (Discovery Departure, Part 11)

Although it seems ages ago at this point, a little over two months ago, we were in Washington, DC, watching two space shuttles, Discovery and Enterprise, move to their permanent homes.  Discovery took up residence in the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center, in a very deft and public move into the gallery that Enterprise formerly occupied. Enterprise headed for a new midtown address … Continue reading From 3R’s to STEAM (Discovery Departure, Part 11)

Discovery Departure (Part 9: Video Interview)

Last Monday, we posted the first part of our video interview with Charlie Bolden, the current head of NASA and a former shuttle astronaut. You can see that video by clicking HERE and the write-up of interviews with John Glenn, Bolden, and Eileen Collins by clicking HERE. We couldn’t resist asking our favorite question of Bolden: Discovery, great shuttle or the greatest shuttle? And Margaret Lazarus Dean, … Continue reading Discovery Departure (Part 9: Video Interview)

Discovery Departure (Part 8: Video Interview)

Lofty Ambitions traveled to Florida, then to the Washington, DC, area to see the space shuttle Discovery transferred to the Udvar-Hazy Center for permanent display. While there, we spoke with Charlie Bolden, the head of NASA and a former shuttle astronaut. We wrote about that HERE, and now we share the video that fellow writer, Lofty Ambitions guest blogger, and space nerd Margaret Lazarus Dean shot … Continue reading Discovery Departure (Part 8: Video Interview)

A Year of Lofty Video Interviews

Over the past year, we’ve been posting VIDEO INTERVIEWS we conducted with a variety of individuals directly involved with the nation’s space program. We’ve talked with Apollo astronauts Walt Cunningham and Charlie Duke as well as current Director of Johnson Space Center and shuttle astronaut Mike Coats. We even interviewed Dee O’Hara, the first nurse to the astronauts, and Daniel Lockney, who puts the spin … Continue reading A Year of Lofty Video Interviews

Interview: Charlie Duke

One of the coolest things we’ve ever done at Lofty Ambitions is to interview Apollo astronaut Charlie Duke. He’s smart and charming, the kind of person with whom you could happily while away an afternoon talking. Here, we share an excerpt of our conversation from November 2010 that conveys Duke’s enthusiasm for flying, space exploration, and education (he chairs the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation). Charlie Duke … Continue reading Interview: Charlie Duke

Catching Up with Endeavour

Usually, we have a guest blogger on the first Monday of the month, but we just had a busy week at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference where we shared the nuclear-focused part of Lofty Ambitions. Today, we’re catching up with the space-focused part of what we’re up to. This morning, NASA posted an overview of their plans to get Discovery, Endeavour, and … Continue reading Catching Up with Endeavour

Interview: Walt Cunningham

Lofty Ambitions had fun talking with Walt Cunningham in 2010, in part because he doesn’t hold back his opinion, whether the topic is going to Mars or global warming. It’s easy to disagree with his ideas, but it’s not easy to stop listening. In October 1968, Cunningham flew on Apollo 7, a mission we wrote about because it was the first time the now-famous space … Continue reading Interview: Walt Cunningham

Interview: Hank Hartsfield

Before we get to today’s video interview, Lofty Ambitions extends condolences to the family and friends of Roger Boisjoly, who died last Friday. Boisjoly was a whistleblower in the Challenger accident investigation and an advocate for ethics in the workplace. You can read his guest post for Lofty Ambitions HERE.   Henry W. Hartsfield, Jr., became a NASA astronaut in 1969. But even before that, he … Continue reading Interview: Hank Hartsfield

Interview: Dee O’Hara

We met Dee O’Hara, the first nurse to NASA’s first astronauts, last year when we visited Kennedy Space Center for Discovery‘s not-launch. At first, O’Hara was a little hesitant to be on camera, but she opened up so that we could capture some of our conversation in the video below. Dee O’Hara was born in Idaho in 1935 and was educated and trained as a … Continue reading Interview: Dee O’Hara

Interview: Daniel Lockney

When we were at Kennedy Space Center in July for the last-ever space shuttle launch, we sat down with Daniel Lockney to talk about some of the spinoffs from NASA’s space program. Lockney is a Program Specialist in NASA’s Office of Innovative Partnerships, and he deals with technology transfers off all sorts. In other words, when the United States decided to build the space shuttle … Continue reading Interview: Daniel Lockney