New Shower Curtain

Our new shower curtain featuring the Periodic Table arrived from ThinkGeek. It’s a little flimsier than we’d hoped, with no magnets at the bottom and little reinforcement around the holes for the curtain rings. But the design is great, and the colors really perk up the bathroom. We’ll get a liner to extend the life of this fancy shower curtain–and so that the full periodic … Continue reading New Shower Curtain

Serendipity Weekend

When we decided to do Lofty Ambitions, one area of our lives we planned to explore was what it meant for us to grow up—to be children and become young adults—during the Cold War. As twelve-year-olds, the locus of our fears, because it was the locus of the nation’s fears, was the Soviet Union. By the time we came along, the confrontation had become familiar, … Continue reading Serendipity Weekend

On Today’s Date: August 29 & 30

Sixty-one years ago, the Cold War began. On this date in 1949, the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb. As in all great Russian narratives, the main character went by several names—Joe-1, RDS-1, First Lightning, Special Jet Engine, Stalin’s Jet Engine, and Russia Does It Herself—but the end result was the same: a completely surprised American government, military, and populace. The 22-kiloton device had … Continue reading On Today’s Date: August 29 & 30