Guest Blog: Jeff Porter

On March 2, Anna will be joined by four other writers at “Fallout & Facts: Creative Nonfiction in the Nuclear Age” at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference. Panelist Kristen Iversen, author of the forthcoming Full Body Burden, has already contributed a guest post to Lofty Ambitions (click HERE). Today, we a post by another panelist, Jeff Porter. We’ve not yet met Jeff Porter, … Continue reading Guest Blog: Jeff Porter

Guest Blog: Brigid Leahy

We know this week’s guest blogger exceptionally well. Brigid Leahy is Anna’s sister and a fellow alum of Knox College, where Doug met her lo those many years ago. By day, Brigid is Director of Legislation at Planned Parenthood of Illinois, but when she’s not at work, she’s an Elvis fan and fosters dogs for the Animal Protective League. Honestly, we thought, if Brigid wrote … Continue reading Guest Blog: Brigid Leahy

Guest Blog: Kristen Iversen

Lofty Ambitions has been walking “In the Footsteps” of nuclear scientists (see our most recent posts in that series HERE and HERE). Our guest blogger today adds her personal story of growing up near and working at a nuclear weapons plant. If you’re in Seattle, you can find Kristen Iversen at the Modern Language Convention’s bookfair (booth #209) on January 5 at 4:00p.m. Kristen will also … Continue reading Guest Blog: Kristen Iversen

Guest Blog: A Year-End Round-Up

Lofty Ambitions has been posting pieces by guest bloggers for more than a year now. We’ve been grateful to be able to share a wide range of voices, ideas, and topics with our readers, all the while remaining focused on the blog’s main interests of aviation and space exploration, science of the twentieth century and beyond, and writing as a couple. With the holidays coming … Continue reading Guest Blog: A Year-End Round-Up

Guest Blog: Bryson Thill

Today’s guest blogger is Bryson Thill, a computer science major at Chapman University who recently interned at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. We lived in Maryland for three years and occasionally visited Goddard, several times for their model rocket days when kids and adults gathered for dozens of little launches. Because we’re educators, we’re especially proud to share Bryson’s story, and we think his … Continue reading Guest Blog: Bryson Thill

Guest Blog: Christopher Hebert

When we met Margaret Lazarus Dean, we didn’t realize that her husband was a writer. We struck up an exchange with Margaret because she wrote a novel steeped in the space shuttle program, The Time It Takes to Fall. Read her guest post HERE. When we watched Atlantis lift off, that was Margaret’s head at the bottom of the frame in our photograph. Margaret’s husband, Christopher Hebert, … Continue reading Guest Blog: Christopher Hebert

Guest Blog: Kelly McMasters

We’ve written about various things nuclear at Lofty Ambitions. (Click HERE for a post on “Radioactivity and Risk” that includes additional links at the end.) In fact, we’re in the midst of a series called “In the Footsteps” (Part 9 HERE) and will talk about that work next month in the Past Tense series at the Huntington Library. Our last guest blogger who wrote about … Continue reading Guest Blog: Kelly McMasters

Guest Blog: Sandra Beasley

Today, this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine was announced and went to three men who devoted themselves to cancer research and understanding immunity. Sadly, Ralph Steinman, who holds half the prize, died three days ago from pancreatic cancer, before hearing the good news. Today, we celebrate the accomplishments of Steinman, Bruce Buetler, and Jules Hoffman with a guest post related to the body’s immune system. … Continue reading Guest Blog: Sandra Beasley

Guest Blog: Kimberly Guodace

Doug met today’s guest blogger during his trip to the Space Coast for “GRAIL: Another Lofty Quest.” We featured her in Part 7 of our ongoing series about GRAIL (see that HERE) because we were captivated by her knowledge of the space shuttle program and her commitment, from childhood, to space exploration. But we also wanted Kim to talk about her life and career in her … Continue reading Guest Blog: Kimberly Guodace

Guest Blog: David Stack

Tomorrow, Doug heads off to Kennedy Space Center for the GRAIL Tweetup. But we used to live near Goddard Space Flight Center and popped over for the monthly model-rocket launches a few times. This week’s guest blogger had the fantastic opportunity to spend the summer at NASA Goddard. His post is especially welcome in the post-shuttle days we face, for David Stack makes it clear … Continue reading Guest Blog: David Stack