Farman Magasin d’Antiquités (Part Deux)

Also, look at Paris: Antique Aviation Shop for the first part of this story.

On Saturday, 14 June 2003, Pierre Farman was a passenger onboard the very last flight of Air France Concorde F-BTSD. Informally known as Sierra Delta (the last two letters of the aircraft’s call sign in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) alphabet, this particular Concorde was a record breaker, holding the records for the fastest round-the-world commercial flights both westward and eastward.

Sierra Delta was being transported to its permanent home that day, Le Bourget. Your Lofty Duo is headed to Le Bourget this weekend for Aérospuces. We only recently learned about this “aviation flea market” from Pierre Farman, and we can’t wait to take it in. Of course, we’ll also get to see Sierra Delta, too.

Here are a few photos of Concorde related items that Farman showed us on our recent visit to his amazing shop.

Pierre Farman holding a folder of memorabilia from the final flight of Concorde F-BTSD




Ticket stub from F-BTSD final flight


More Concorde Memorabilia


Timetable for BTSD final flight


Wind Tunnel Model of Concorde

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