5 Back-to-School Space Apps, Lessons, etc.

Space Math @NASA

An amazing resource for K-12 teachers, NASA has developed all sorts of math problems based on space exploration and ready for implementation in classrooms. Whether you’re looking for a specific topic, like Mars, or a bunch of exercises for 5th-graders, you’ll find it here. Of course, math isn’t the only subject for NASA’s educational materials, so you can search by topic (climate change? life science? teaching in Spanish?), grade level, and resource type HERE.

ISS Spotter

There are several free apps to locate the International Space Station overhead and notify you when a pass is coming your way. We like this one best because it’s easy to use, it includes a compass for the pass so you know where to look, and it has a real-time map of the space station’s path. Of course, NASA’s Spot the Station webpage is a go-to resource for classroom use as well as for anyone who wants to plan their evenings around ISS passes.

Google Moon

Google drew from all sorts of NASA and other maps of the Moon in the public domain to create this resource. You can see where each Apollo Moon mission landed, you can see the view of the Moon as if you were in orbit around it, or you can look at a color-coded version to see elevation. Of course, there’s the more widely known Google Earth too.


Go beyond our Solar System with this free app. As new exoplanets are discovered, the app gets updated.

NASA app

Because NASA is federally funded, what it does and what it discovers is free for all of us. Want to know where Juno is? Want to watch the science experiments going on aboard ISS? Want to visit a NASA space center? Want to keep up with NASA’s Twitter feed? It’s all here, plus more.

And if all this gets you thinking, take a look at NASA’s Space Apps Challenge winners!

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