5 Socks for Space Nerds (great gifts!)

We found 5 space-themed pairs of socks to share. In fact, we had to limit ourselves to these Top 5 great sock gifts for the holidays.


These constellation socks are stretchy and extra-comfy and even a little dressy. Available from Sock It To Me, which has more space-themed socks.


Fun socks that (mis)represent the Solar System, with brightly colored planets against the dark background.


A dress sock featuring an Apollo astronaut. The image might not be clear to others at first glance, and the seam is a bit awkwardly placed. Still, these knee-highs make a bold statement.


Great everyday socks. They really go with everything. Available from Happy Socks, though this is their only space-themed sock right now.


Yes, it’s Spocks! Available from the Star Trek shop, which also offers Star Fleet Academy socks in all three uniform colors.

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