5 Great Notebooks



The headings in this post are hyperlinked so you can check our recs.

Moleskine Chapters

Divided into 7 chapters, with a chapter list at the end and also a few pages for things to do. Stitched binding allows it to lie flat. 128 pages. We like the 4.5 x 8.25 size, but there’s a smaller version too.

Miquelrius Flexible Journal

Soft cover. Page size is 6 x 8. A whopping 300 pages! It’s great for people with big writing projects. Shorter versions are available too.

Field Notes

The basic version is a three-pack of 3.5 x 5.5, 48-page, soft-cover notebooks. You can choose graph, ruled, or plain paper—or get a mixed pack. If you accumulate a bunch of these, there’s a wooden box you can order to hold them. The Steno is bigger, has the spiral at the top, and sports a durable chipboard cover.

Journals Made from Hardcover Books

The hard cover protects pages. The book cover tricks people into thinking you’re reading instead of writing. Unlined pages. Every notebook is unique, so the size varies.

Old-Fashioned Three-Ring Binder

Relatively inexpensive, you can fill it with the paper of your choosing. Get dividers with tabs to organize sheets into sections. The best part about using a binder is that you can swap pages in and out and switch the order easily.

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