Lands End Nerd T-Shirts

LENerdShirtLofty Ambitions rarely promotes specific items. Sure, we showed you the astronaut Barbie Doug’s mom sent us, and we lauded taco-flavored Doritos as a special treat during our writing residency. But we don’t do much product placement. This time, however, we couldn’t pass up the chance to let you know quite blatantly about Lands End t-shirts for nerds.

The sizes are for kids, so that’s a limitation. But here’s Anna in the boys Moon t-shirt that arrived the other day, and she’ll be donning the rocket t-shirt this weekend. There’s also a fantastic International Space Station t-shirt too (but they ran out of XL).

The best part is that these t-shirts are available for girls too! Supposedly, this addition occurred in response to a mother’s letter last year, which she posted on the Lands End Facebook page. The mother of a nine-year-old girl pointed out the problem in making “mighty” graphic t’s for boys and “adorable” t’s for girls. Lands End responded. Within a couple of months (though, in some ways, it was a long time coming), science-themed shirts were available in girls sizes. The International Space Station graphic t-shirt is available for girls, and, yes, it actually glows in the dark!

Or maybe the best part is that Lands End has great customer service, which we learned first hand when our original nerd t-shirt shipment (with the ISS shirt!) went missing. The experience talking with customer relations at Lands End was far better than a call last week with American Airlines (which involved a two-hour wait to speak to a person). Lands End will probably even help you figure out whether a kids size will work for an adult.

Or maybe the best part is that Lands End is having a 30% off sale right now, so Lofty Ambitions is going all in with product promotion. Here’s the link for the sale:


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