Interview: Gerry Griffin

Gerry Griffin served as a flight director for NASA during the Apollo years and headed up Johnson Space Center in 1982-1986.

Since then, this lifelong Texan advised the directors of films such as Apollo 13, Contact, and Apollo 18, which Doug, in a  watched for the first time this past (serendipitous) weekend, before we had decided exactly which video interview to post today. With Gravity now captivating audiences, we note what Griffin said in an interview about Apollo 18:

Isn’t it great that the American film industry is making stories about space. Some are realistic, others are not but they now want to make films that cover it all–from soup to nuts–from fact to fiction. I think it is great that our society now has a genre that includes space—one that has become part of the global fabric.

Last fall, we talked with Griffin in person. Here’s part of our conversation.

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