Video Interview: Gwynne Shotwell

Recently Gwynne Shotwell, the President of SpaceX, visited Chapman University for TEDx, and Lofty Ambitions had an exclusive video interview with the space exploration maverick. You need to watch this interview below!

DragonCapsuleForbes has named Shotwell, who joined SpaceX in 2002, a “woman to watch.” Her alma mater, Northwesten University, calls her “Rocket Ma’am.” She’s in the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame.

In Popular Mechanics, Shotwell said, “I think we need to get back to that place where American ingenuity is a no-brainer. I feel like we’re far behind and it bothers me. It’s a personal focus for me to make sure that people understand what engineering is and not be afraid of it, because I think fear is what keeps people from doing things. Engineering is one of the coolest professions on the planet—soon to be one of the coolest professions on other planets.”

“Hit that failure, find that milestone, figure out where things don’t work.” That’s what she told us, and that’s just the sort of approach we believe at Lofty Ambitions. This is a go-getter who wants to get us to Mars!

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