Endeavour Arrival: PHOTOS

For our initial set of photos from today’s arrival of space shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center, go to “Endeavour Arrives at CA Science Center (10/14/12)” at Flickr. Those photos are in addition to the fun photos you can see below. We’ll have a thoughtful write-up, of course, and more cool photos, but for now, we’ll let these images be the equivalent of a thousand words as we try to catch up on sleep and prepare for the workweek.

Anna gives an orbiter a smooch. Welcome home, Endeavour!
Is Doug punching Endeavour in the nose for being very late? Or is this a Lofty Ambitions fist bump with an orbiter?
On an escorted tour where few were allowed to tread, Lofty Ambitions traipsed the specially designed path from the street to the orbiter’s shed, just before Endeavour arrived.
Endeavour did not merely move in a straight line down streets. The orbiter zigged and zagged to avoid poles and trees.
Things didn’t always go according to plan, as Endeavour was about 15 hours late to the museum. But there was a plan!
The Lofty Ambitions duo: delirious from sleep deprivation or utterly thrilled to see Endeavour once again?
Endeavour: close enough to read the codes on the thermal protection tiles.
Endeavour avoids the tree above our heads.
October 12-14, 2012: Three Days of Teamwork
After a long journey, Endeavour pulls into the garage.

If you didn’t yet see the other set of photos at Flickr, click HERE.

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