Déjà vu all over again

Volunteer for Mission #26 at the California Science Center

We set out Saturday afternoon for the California Science Center to see Endeavour’s arrival. We actually left our car with a colleague in downtown L.A. so we could avoid any traffic hassles and have the Metro drop us off next to the museum. We checked out the media area, then spent some time at the museum, which is free and was open until 5pm. All was going really well by the time we made our way to our viewing spot before 6pm. To see a sample of our excitement and Anna’s space shuttle skirt, click HERE, and follow Doug on Twitter HERE.

Then, the sun set, and it grew chilly. Anna donned her hat and extra sweater. Word came around quickly that the shuttle wouldn’t be there until 9pm. We’re used to delays in these matters, and press coverage means, for reporters, a lot of hurry-up and wait. By 7:30pm, rumor was that Endeavour was still at the corner of Crenshaw and MLK. Official word, via Twitter and law enforcement, soon confirmed that the shuttle wouldn’t arrive until 1am, maybe even 2am.

Shed Where Endeavour Will Be Housed

So we hopped aboard Metro, with plans to have a beverage with our colleague in downtown L.A., then drive back to the museum, where there was a lot designated for press with plenty of parking. We warmed up, had a good conversation, and gathered our belongings at 10:30pm to head back to the museum. Only, by that time, Rob Pearlman of CollectSpace.com, whom we see at all these shuttle events, was tweeting that the shuttle hadn’t moved since 7:30pm and wouldn’t arrive at the museum until after 5am. Officials were sending volunteers and press home for the evening, and it looks as if zigzagging an orbiter through the streets to avoid trees and poles might require some daylight.

A party for The Mentalist 100th episode, which happened to be going on near where we left our car

So we’re back at home, ready for a few hours of sleep. Check back to see whether we drag ourselves out of bed at 3am or thereabouts to rush back to the museum for the shuttle’s arrival. We’ve done this sort of thing before. After all, Endeavour didn’t launch the first time we went to see it; we had to go back to see what we came for.


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