I Remember California: Endeavour, Departed.

The last three days have been about logistics as much as anything to do with shuttle: delayed flights, cancelled flights, rebooking flights, new hotel reservations, and picking-up and dropping-off rental cars.

We knew that catching Endeavour in the act—watching the Florida departure and the California arrival—would require juggling our existing obligations with our desire to see this penultimate chapter of the Space Transportation System. At the moment, we are—as a colleague used to say—in the midst. Endeavour left Florida’s sky for the last time today. If everything else holds, tomorrow Endeavour will arrive in the California desert at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center. If we’re really lucky, we’ll be there to greet Endeavour, two happy space nerds in a welcoming party of thousands.

Anna had to be back in California yesterday to meet this year’s inaugural poet, Victoria Chang, and to kick-off the 2012 Tabula Poetica reading series. Doug stayed behind in Florida so that one of us could witness Endeavour‘s Departure. As the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, a converted Boeing 747, whined done the runway and lifted Endeavour into the cloudy morning sky over Kennedy Space Center, Doug was reminded of the cheesy old commercial:

Two last-minute one-way tickets:      $550.00

Second rental car:     $125.00

Extra nights in hotel:     $175.00

Watching Endeavour fly over KSC for the last time:      Priceless

Here are a couple more videos from this morning. Enjoy!


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