Discovery Departure (Part 5: Photos, People, Artifacts)

First some links to photos and write-ups, then more photos (including proof we chatted with former Senator John Glenn) for your viewing pleasure.

See yesterday’s “Discovery Departure” PHOTO ESSAY HERE.

Read about the 747 that ferried Discovery from Florida to the Udvar-Hazy Center (with photos) HERE.

See our PHOTO ESSAY of the shuttle mating process, the last-ever Discovery crew, and the awesome final Discovery takeoff HERE. And the BBC picked up our photos HERE.

Take a look at Doug’s first day at the Space Coast for “Discovery Departure” HERE. It involves shuttle mating and Jim Lovell, Charlie Duke, and more.

Two Shuttles, Nose to Nose on April 19, 2012


Two Shuttles, Two Lofty Bloggers


Two Shuttles, Cheek to Cheek


Reserved for Astronauts


Two Shuttles, Three Discovery Commanders: Horowitz, Collins, Lindsey


Stephanie Stilson, Shuttle Transition & Retirement Flow Manager


Doug with Astronaut John Glenn, first American to orbit Earth


Doug with NASA Administrator and Former Shuttle Astronaut Charlie Bolden


Eileen Collins, first pilot (STS-63, Discovery) and first commander (STS-93, Columbia) of a space shuttle, answers Anna's pressing question: "Discovery, great shuttle or the greatest shuttle?" Check back at Lofty Ambitions for Collins's answer.


Johnson Space Center Director and Former Shuttle Astronaut Mike Coats (See his Lofty Ambitions video interview HERE.)


Lofty Ambitions Guest Blogger and Novelist Margaret Lazarus Dean


Lofty Ambitions at the nose of Discovery, now in place at the Udvar-Hazy Center


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