A Year of Lofty Video Interviews

Over the past year, we’ve been posting VIDEO INTERVIEWS we conducted with a variety of individuals directly involved with the nation’s space program. We’ve talked with Apollo astronauts Walt Cunningham and Charlie Duke as well as current Director of Johnson Space Center and shuttle astronaut Mike Coats. We even interviewed Dee O’Hara, the first nurse to the astronauts, and Daniel Lockney, who puts the spin on NASA spinoff technology that has reshaped our everyday lives.

Here, we recap the complete Table of Contents. CLICK ON THE DATE/NAME to see an individual video interview.

05/23/11 Mike Coats: Three-time Shuttle Astronaut & Director of Johnson Space Center

06/13/11 Michael Barratt: One-time Shuttle Astronaut & International Space Station Resident

06/27/11 Rhea Seddon: Three-time Shuttle Astronaut

07/06/11 STS-135 Atlantis Crew: Last-Ever Shuttle Crew

07/11/11 Hoot Gibson: Five-time Shuttle Astronaut

07/13/11 Stephanie Stilson: NASA Director for Shuttle Transition and Retirement

07/25/11 Mike Massimino: Two-time Shuttle Astronaut

08/08/11 Fred Gregory: Three-time Shuttle Astronaut

08/22/11 Mike Good: Two-time Shuttle Astronaut

09/12/11 Shannon Walker: International Space Station Resident

09/26/11 Karol Bobko: Three-time Shuttle Astronaut & Skylab Ground Simulation Astronaut

10/11/11 Jeffrey Rudolph: Director of the California Science Center

10/24/11 Kathy Thornton: Four-time Shuttle Astronaut

11/14/11 Andrew Allen: Three-time Shuttle Astronaut

11/28/11 Daniel Lockney: Program Specialist in NASA’s Office of Innovative Partnerships

12/12/11 Dee O’Hara: First Nurse to the Astronauts

01/09/12 Hank Hartsfield: Three-time Shuttle Astronaut & MOL

02/13/12 Walt Cunningham: Apollo 7 Astronaut

03/12/12 Charlie Duke: Apollo 16 Astronaut & Apollo 11 CAPCOM

04/09/12 Recap & TOC: That’s this post!


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