Lofty Ambitions Blog Trailer

This week, we played with our iMovie software and came up with this blog trailer for Lofty Ambitions. For this piece, we decided to focus on following the end of the space shuttle program and, in particular, the last flight ever, that of Atlantis last July. If you want to know more about our adventures represented in this video, check out our series “Last Chance to See.”

2 thoughts on “Lofty Ambitions Blog Trailer

  1. It’s a really great idea–the song is pretty intense and gives it good suspense. However the credits (the blog title, subtitle and credits) scroll by WAY too fast at the beginning. You do it slower later but that was a bit jarring.

    Like it, good job. Might have to do one myself.

    1. Thanks for your response. Yes, try one yourself!

      The scrolling can’t be controlled on its own, but we might experiment with lengthening the time that image is on screen, which will slow the scrolling accordingly.

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