Mmmm…Lovell’s of Lake Forest

At Ragdale, the dinner meal isn’t served on Saturday evenings. There are plenty of tasty leftovers for residents to eat, but we took the opportunity on our second Saturday to traipse down to Lovell’s of Lake Forest, a restaurant started by Gemini and Apollo astronaut Jim Lovell and now owned and run by his son, Jay. We weren’t sure what to expect. We found good food, good service, good space artifacts, and good new writer friends!

Anna & Doug in front of "Steeds of Apollo," a painting by Lumen Winter that hung in the St. Regis Hotel. The painting was bought at auction by Tom Hanks and given to Jim Lovell.

Dinner and a Moon rock at Lovell's
Novelists Emily Gray Tedrowe, author of Commuters, and Rebecca Makkai, author of The Borrower
Downstairs at Lovell's, the lounge is surrounded by artifacts, everything from a letter from Princess Grace to the wine bottle from the restaurant's opening night to NASA artifacts.
Lovell's displays models and more models.
Lovell's features lots of artwork, both paintings and photographs, many signed by astronauts.
Apollo 8, which included the famous Christmas Eve reading, was awarded an Emmy. You can see our post about that HERE.
Captain James Lovell

Our two weeks at Ragdale were an amazing writing experience. Our dinner at Lovell’s was a terrific bonus. Jay Lovell serves up the absolutely best dinner you’ll ever find at an aerospace museum. No matter where we find ourselves, we look around and find something unexpected.


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