Interview: Karol J. Bobko

We interviewed Astronaut Karol Bobko when we were at Kennedy Space Center for the last lauch of the space shuttle.

Skylab Workshop (NASA)

Bobko is a three-time shuttle astronaut, the pilot on STS-6 in 1983 and the mission commander on two flights in 1985. He’d already been an astronaut since 1969. In fact, in 1972, Bobko, along with Bob Crippen and William Thornton, participated in a 56-day ground simulation of the Skylab mission.

By proving that humans could live for extended periods in space and that science experiments could be done there, Skylab paved the way for today’s International Space Station. This past week’s falling weather satellite brought back memories of Skylab’s return to Earth. A backup Skylab workshop is currently on display at the National Air and Space Museum.


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