Last Chance to See (Appendix/TOC)

Lofty Ambitions with Atlantis before Last Launch

On Wednesday, we concluded our series “Last Chance to See.” Here is a Table of Contents of sorts, with links and brief descriptions, for this series. Most posts include several of our own photographs; we have noted posts that include video and/or more than the usual number of photos. We’ve also listed our July guest bloggers at the bottom because they, too, fit the topic and themes of “Last Chance to See.”

Part 1: Introduction: Last Chance to See the shuttle and Atlantis in particular (lots of photos)

Part 2: Atlantis rolls over to VAB (video)

Part 3: Arrival at Kennedy Space Center

Part 4: Visit to the launch pad (photos of Atlantis)

Part 5: Pre-launch activities (photos of astronaut walkout)



Part 8: Tidbits from Kennedy Space Center

Part 9: Journey of the last shuttle solid rocket booster (lots of photos)

Part 10: Decommissioning Endeavour (inside look & video interview)

Part 11: Space shuttle poetry

Part 12: Mission time & music

Part 13: STS-135 media coverage (lots of links to Lofty elsewhere)

Part 14: The future & SpaceX

Part 15: STS-135 crew (lots of photos)

Part 16: Landings past (Apollo 11) and future (STS-135)

Part 17: End of STS-135 mission & answering critiques

Part 18: Shuttle as concept

Part 19: Conclusion: nature & technology meet

Guest Blogger: Margaret Lazarus Dean: How To Be a Fiction-Writer Space-Geek in 20 Steps

Guest Blogger: Omar Izquierdo: End of Shuttle




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