Countdown to the Cape…Holding at 1…Still

We woke this morning to heavy cloud cover and rain, and to the news that the Mission Management Team (MMT) had decided not to tank (fill the large external tank) this morning because there looked to be no break in the front through the day. They were correct.

The launch of STS-133, Discovery‘s last mission, is now scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) at about 3:04pm. The countdown clock yesterday was in its usual hold at 11 hours to launch, and they ran the clock up again to 11 hours today for a do-over tomorrow.

Here are some photos of the goings-on, including last night’s rollback of the Rotating Service Structure. Discovery, attached to the orange external fuel tank, with the solid rocket boosters on either side, was revealed before our eyes.

The Usual Hold (the speck of light on the right is Discovery on Launch Pad 39A)
Ditch at KSC with Two Alligators
Discovery Before Rollback of RSS (Nov. 3)
Discovery after Rollback of RSS
Proof that We Were There!
Discovery Attached to Fixed Service Structure
Reason for Delay Moves In
The White Room Attached to Shuttle (where astronauts enter on launch day)
Discovery's Nose Against External Fuel Tank Flanked by Solid Rocket Boosters
Discovery Ready To Go!
Countdown Clock Holds Again (Discovery is in the middle background)

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