Countdown to the Cape…3 again!

We left California yesterday right on time, only to find out, once we arrived at our motel,  that the Shuttle launch was delayed once again. With a little extra time to spare before Discovery takes flight, we headed over to Kennedy Space Center to get Anna’s mission media badge. But the launch slip–that’s what the KSC natives call it–seems to have left the badging facility closed on Sunday. Luckily, the KSC Visitor’s Center is right there, too. This happy accident of scheduling allowed us to see Discovery on the launch pad in person. She looks ready to go on Wednesday!

In the meantime, here is a sampling of photos, including one of the actual Shuttle on the actual launch pad, as well as photos of the actual barge that brought the external fuel tank from Louisiana and the actual crawler that moved the Shuttle to Pad 39A. This trip is now fully actualized for Lofty Ambitions!


Flying Over the Rockies
Welcome to Kennedy Space Center!
Shuttle on 747 for Transportation after California Landing (Model)
Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) Full-Scale Mock-Up
Thermal Protection System Full-Scale Mock-Up
Shuttle on Launch Pad (Model)
Barge for External Fuel Tank Transportation
Vehicle Assembly Building Where Solid Rocket Boosters, External Tank, and Shuttle Are Put Together
Crawler Used to Move Shuttle from Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Pad
HERE IT IS! Discovery on Launch Pad 39A!

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