Talking with an Astronaut

Michael Massimino

At 7pm TODAY at Chapman University, the astronaut who sent the first tweet from outer space joins the screening and discussion of An Article of Hope. Astronaut Michael Massimino, live via videoconference from Houston, will talk with the film’s producer, who is also our first Guest Blogger Christopher Cowen. The documentary is about Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, a payload specialist on the ill-fated Columbia mission. On that voyage, he carried a small Torah passed down from a survivor of a concentration camp.

Astronaut M. Massimino

There’s still time for you to help select the wake-up songs for STS-133. That’s the Space Shuttle launch we’ll watch in person next month. Click here to vote.

It’s Nobel Week!

Monday: Robert G. Edwards (for in vitro fertilization) in Physiology or Medicine

Tuesday: Andre Geim and Konstatin Novoselov (for graphene) in Physics

Wednesday: Chemistry

Thursday: Literature (Monday’s odds favored Swedish Tomas Tranströmer, but Americans Cormac McCarthy and Joyce Carol Oates are supposedly in the running.)

Friday: Peace

Monday: Economic Sciences


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