Finally, A Reason to Watch the Cubs Play This Season

Before we make our way to baseball, we note that Howard Hughes, who went on to build the Spruce Goose a few years later, made a record-breaking round-the-world airplane flight on July 10, 1938. It took him 91 hours to circle the globe.

Now, on to the reason to watch baseball this afternoon. In 1962, the first communications satellite, called Telstar, was launched by NASA for Ma Bell. It gave us our first live transatlantic television feed, and also transmitted telephone calls and fax messages. The first broadcast included President Kennedy’s remarks.

But the signal came before Kennedy was ready, so some time was filled by broadcasting part of the baseball game in progress at Wrigley Field in Chicago before cutting away to the president. With each orbit the signal was available for just 20 minutes. Celebrate this technological leap by watching the Cubs game for 20 minutes!

And just one more reason to watch the Cubs play the Dodgers on FOX today: it’s Andre Dawson’s 56th birthday!


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